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During the fall of 1998, my husband and I spent Valentine’s weekend in Savannah. We knew very little about Tybee Island at the time. We had heard that there was a place called the World Famous Breakfast Club and so we decided to go and check it out.

Wow! What a breakfast it was. The owner, Joey Sadowski, who also was the Chef for J. F. Kennedy, Jr., was “puttin” the food on the table. As a matter of fact, there was a line of about 10 people waiting to get in. We were two of those people and while we waited, I started looking at “property for sale” magazines. We came across a place that we decided to take a look at so we called a real estate agent.

While looking at that property, I saw a small cottage across the street, with a sign posted on the door: ” For Sale by Owner.” We immediately excused ourselves and ventured across the street. There we discovered what we fondly call the “Crowe’s Cottage.”

At the time it looked more like Green Acres than Island Paradise, but we decided to give it a try and so we became Tybee Island property owners. Little did we know at the time how much we would come to love this beautiful little island, but as time marched on and one year became another and one improvement lead to another, we settled quite nicely into Tybee Life!

Then after about 10 years, we were lucky enough to find another gem on the island and we moved around the corner to the beach side.

So what to do with the cottage? Someone suggested renting it as a vacation rental. We first thought about listing it with a “Tybee Agent,” so to speak. But after some discussion we decided no one would love it and care for it as much as we would, so I took over the job.

New to the rental business, with a lot to learn….the “Cottage” as it is now known flourished as a vacation rental, much to the thanks of the many wonderful guests who have visited over the years.

To be able to spend time on Tybee is to be truly blessed. The beauty, the wildlife and the ambience are remarkable! The best way to understand why we love Tybee is to come and spend some time here. I know you will love this home. It is truly a wonderful place to stay and we are committed to making your vacation a happy one. We invite you to come and enjoy the many treasures Tybee has to offer.

Where we are

The best thing about this home is the location.

The next best thing is the owner(s)! No really!

Because we own it, we get to make the decisions about how it is rented and when and for how much, so on. My goal is to create a ‘family of visitors.’ A place to go to every time you get a chance, even if it is for one night!

If you have a question, ASK ME, you never know. Everything is negotiable. I do the best I can to keep the cost down and in line with everyone else.

My ‘pet policy’ requires a photo of your pet for prior approval because I don’t know all the breeds, but I have found that most folks have a photo of Fido handy and are always eager to share.

I am always accessible through this website or my cell phone. Please allow 24 hours turn around on the weekend because I need time off too and this is only one of my responsibilities.

You can trust me. I am going to do exactly what I tell you I am going to do. I will always treat you with respect and if you have ANY problems, before arrival, during your stay or after you leave, I will do my best to handle them efficiently and satisfactorily. I want you to enjoy my home the same as I do, take care of it as I do, and always look forward to coming back, as I do.

I usually try to meet everyone that stays with me…sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but when I am lucky enough to meet my guest, I always feel like I have met a new friend and I can’t wait to meet you.

Safe travels and here’s to a wonderful Tybee experience!

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We would to thank the Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers for their efforts in keeping our beaches clean and wildlife safe.
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